What do do after a home fire

Contact your insurance company immediately

It is your responsibility to begin loss mitigation, including steps to prevent the damage from getting worse. Take inventory and photos of damaged goods before discarding anything and save receipts for money spent relating to the fire loss.

Steps to take after you've had a fire in your Las Vegas homeAvoid falling structural components

Although fire authorities may allow you to enter the house, the area still could be hazardous. Look for structural damage that will need repair, like charred beams and sagging ceilings.

Stay away from electrical shock hazards

Check for exposed wiring. Also, be careful of damage inside walls and electrical lines not normally visible. The fire department may remove the electric meter after the fire has been extinguished.

Keep people with allergies out of the home

People with severe allergies or respiratory problems should stay out of the area until initial clean-up is complete. Weather permitting, ventilate the home to remove soot residues.

Call ServiceMaster Restoration by Desert Dry in the Phoenix area immediately

ServiceMaster has certified professional technicians on call to provide advice on the restoration of your home and belongings. Rapid response can shorten the amount of time it takes to get your life back to normal.

Remember, in many cases, attempting the clean-up process yourself will only make matters worse. ServiceMaster’s certified technicians have the experience, training and knowledge to assess the damage and restore your belongings. Using the wrong cleaning solutions on some materials can permanently damage your belongings.