Steps we take after fire damage

Steps that you can expect ServiceMaster Restoration by Desert Dry to take when handling your fire damage

Protection – Your home is not the same place it was prior to the fire.  Portions of the roof may be falling into living areas, pieces of drywall may be hanging from the ceiling, and windows may have been destroyed by the fire.  ServiceMaster technicians will take steps to protect the health and safety of all occupants and while protecting structure and contents from further damage.  We will immediately assess your home for any areas or items that we deem unsafe.  Our HAZWOPER trained teams will then take precautions to alleviate these unsafe conditions so that the clean up process may begin.

Securing the structure through board-ups or tarps – Chances are the fire department had to force entry into your home. We’ll immediately board up your front door, garage door, or windows as needed to keep out vandals and curious passers-by.  If the roof was damaged we’ll tarp it off to prevent any outside contaminants or rain from entering your home.  This is only done as a temporary security measure until actual repairs can take place.

Steps we take after a fire to restore your home.Source Removal – A large portion of the odor emulates from the origin or the fire.  Removing the debris that is now the source of the odor will make a notable difference in the strength of the odor. However, your insurance company or fire department (sometimes both) will need to complete a cause and origin report before the source can be disposed of. ServiceMaster Restoration by Desert Dry will make the removal as soon as we receive permission from your insurance company.

Water Damage – Our emergency services also include mitigating any water damage that may have occurred.  If the fire department was brought in to extinguish your fire, they undoubtedly used large quantities of water to put out the fire.  We’ll immediately begin mitigating any water damage that occurred.  It is bad enough you have to contend with the damage caused by the fire, you don’t need any additional problems with mold.

Packing out the contents of your Las Vegas home after a firePacking-out the contents when necessary – Larger fires require that all of your personal belongings are inventoried, packed, and brought back to our facility for cleaning.  By bringing your belongings back to our facility, we’re able to more efficiently clean both your personal belongs (contents), and your home (structure).  This helps preventing cross contamination and recontamination of contents and structure.  Our trained experts will assist in helping you remove any items you’re going to need while the pack-out / reconstruction is taking place.  All other items are inventoried and packed before being moved to our state of the art cleaning facility.  Once the items are brought to our facility they are unpackaged, cleaned, deodorized, and repackaged for the move back to your home once all parties involved are in agreement.

Cleaning – Removal of soot and any additional residues.  The method of cleaning depends on the type of smoke that permeated your home.  One method of cleaning involves using a “chem sponge”.  The chem dry cleaning sponge may be used to wipe virtually any surface. Primarily it is used on items that may be damaged by other types of cleaning solutions and methods, such as silk wallpaper, antique furniture, light fixtures, painted walls, ceiling tiles, etc. Use the sponge to gently remove dirt, soot, smoke and grime from delicate surfaces. Based on the type of fire, we may need to use chem sponges in correlation with damp wiping surfaces using specialty cleaning solutions and odor counteractants.  Every inch of the affected areas needs to be cleaned in order to thoroughly remove the odor. ServiceMaster technicians are trained to use specialized cleaning techniques that can often prevent the need and added expense of repainting. If the extent of the damage is such that repainting is necessary, ServiceMaster will prepare the surfaces to be painted and provide a professional finish. Carpet and upholstery can be cleaned and deodorized utilizing wet or dry cleaning methods. All of this is performed while paying particular attention to the sensitivities of the homeowner.

Deodorization – When it comes to deodorization there are many methods that can be employed after the cleaning process.  We’ll explain the benefits of each method and work with you to decide which one best fits your home.  We’ll show and/or demonstrate: sprayers, deodorant diffusers, ULV’s, thermal foggers and ozone units along with all the precautions for use.

Structural repairs – Recovery, repair, and rebuilding reconstruction or replacement services to return your property to it’s pre-loss condition once the emergency services are completed.  We are a Nevada State Licensed Contractor (#72735).  Once the cleaning is complete, our professionally trained workers begin repairing your home to it’s pre-loss state.

There are numerous construction companies in the Phoenix area that claim to handle fire restoration repair work.  Many actually do not. They are standard construction companies that have a handful of employees that are assigned to restoration work.  Water and fire damage repairs are the only repairs ServiceMaster Restoration by Desert Dry handles.  We specialize in the intricacies involved in putting your home back together after a disaster.

Call Servicemaster when you've had a fire or flood in your Las Vegas home.The first step in eliminating delays is to write an accurate and thorough scope of work.  Our estimator and project managers are all trained using Xactimate (the preferred estimating program of the insurance industry).  It is important for you to know that preparing an accurate estimate for these types of damages is often difficult and time consuming. Any delay at this stage can be irritating, but often necessary to ensure that your needs are being met. We need to insure that your adjuster is aware of all the damages that occurred to your home and exactly what is needed to repair these damages.  There are often hidden damages that are not apparent until demolition has begun. There may be necessary code upgrades as determined by the building inspector. We recommend you have your adjuster provide you with the scope of the necessary repairs and have this reviewed by our estimators for accuracy and completeness. We believe in communication throughout the reconstruction process.  Any changes to the scope of work will be brought to your adjuster’s attention as soon as they arise.  You need a contractor experienced in work of this nature who understands how to communicate and handle negotiations with your insurance company as the work progresses as well as keep you informed of any issues that may arise.

Our fire damage specialists are caring, experienced professionals who respond quickly to minimize the damage to your property and repair your property to it’s pre-loss condition as quickly as possible. Unlike many companies that only provide limited services, our team is fully qualified to handle both the mitigation and the structural repairs necessary for total recovery.

Once the job is complete, our job supervisor conducts a walk-through inspection with you to make sure your property has been properly restored to it’s pre-loss condition. When a fire unexpectedly sparks and overtakes someone’s home or business their world is undeniably turned upside down.

It is unfortunate that you had to experience a fire in your home.  Fortunately you found ServiceMaster Restoration by Desert Dry.  Our company earns it’s living by helping people like you recover and return to their normal lives as soon as possible. Understanding that you’ve already been through enough we do our best to create open lines of communication and cooperate with insurance companies while protecting your interests.