Prevent water damage from roof leaks

The primary purpose of your home’s roof is to provide protection from the elements. In Phoenix, your roofing system should help prevent the intense desert sun from heating up your home, but it is still important that your roof be watertight, since even the tiniest amounts of water can cause expensive damage by rotting the roof deck and promoting mold growth. If you are unsure whether or not your roof is properly waterproofed, here’s what you can do to make sure it is:

Examine the Roof for Weak Spots

High winds can loosen improperly installed roofing materials, so the first step in roof waterproofing is making sure that no tiles or shingles have come loose on your roof. Take care when climbing a ladder or walking on your roof to avoid accidents, and do not walk on the roof if it has a steep slope. If you can inspect the roof from the ladder without climbing up onto it, you can avoid a potentially disastrous fall.

Replace the Underlayment

If you notice water infiltration in your attic or in rooms underneath your roof, you may not have a sufficiently waterproof underlayment between your roof covering and your roof deck. If you are an intrepid DIY homeowner, you can carefully remove your shingles or tiles, strip the current underlayment, inspect and repair any roof deck damage.

Install Flashing

Sloped home roofs have many joints where separate sections of underlayment and coverings are joined together, and these are the areas that are most vulnerable to water infiltration and damage. Flashing is a layer of metal that covers these joints to direct rainfall and water flows away from them. You can select flashing that either matches or contrasts with your roofing material, depending on your aesthetic preference.

If you notice water damage in your attic, ServiceMaster Advantage can help. You can reach our team of water and fire damage repair experts 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling 602-765-6162.