My house is flooded, now what?

Step 1. Make sure the water is turned off.

If you can’t determine where the water is coming from, turn off the water main at the street.  Save the broken pipe or appliance.  Your insurance company will want to see the broken part.  When optimal, your insurance company will subrogate against the manufacturer of the broken part.

Step 2.  Call ServiceMaster.

Call ServiceMaster Restoration by Desert Dry in the Phoenix area at 602-765-6162.

Step 3. Notify your insurance company if you’re making a claim.

 Most insurance companies have after hours phone numbers for emergencies.  Your house being flooded is considered an emergency.  Have your policy number handy along with a pad of paper and pen to record the information your insurance company is about to give you.  Make sure you inform your insurance carrier that ServiceMaster in the Phoenix area is on the way.

Links to some of the larger insurance companies and their 24 hour claim service hotlines:

Step 4. Reference our tips section.

Reference our tips section until technicians arrive to help.

Step 5. Final determination of damages can be made.

Once the moisture has been removed and the property dried, final determination of damages can be made. Damages might be as minor as sealing and painting a water stain to as serious as replacing much of the structure and contents.  Once we’ve completed drying out your home, and sometimes while we’re still working, your insurance company will send out an adjuster to assess the damages.  Your adjuster will write a repair scope to fix everything that was damaged by the water.  It’s a good idea to have an inventory of any of your personal belongings that were damaged by the water.  If possible burn a CD with any pictures you took of your items (we provide the adjuster with photos of the structure).  To expedite your claim, please call our office with your adjuster’s information and claim number.  This assists with billing and collecting from your insurance company.

Step 6. Repair the damages resulting from the water loss. 

Your insurance company writes a scope to repair the damages resulting from the water loss.  It’s now time to put your house back together.  ServiceMaster Restoration by Desert Dry in the Phoenix area is a Nevada licensed contractor (LIC # 72735).  We’re more than willing and able to assist with repairing your home.