Mold Removal in Phoenix

When a pipe bursts in your home, or when rain enters through gaps in your roofing, it doesn’t just damage your property and your home’s structure. Moisture in your walls, floors, and ceilings also promotes mold growth, which can have a number of negative effects on your health. Find out more about the life cycle of mold and the impact it can have on your and your home by reading on.

What Are Ideal Conditions for Mold Growth?

Mold is a fungus, so it thrives in damp, dark conditions. When water enters your roof, or when a pipe leaks or bursts inside your walls, it creates the perfect environment for mold spores to germinate and thrive. If the leak is small, you may not even see or notice it until the mold has had a chance to thrive and spread, releasing more spores into your home.

What Are the Physical Effects of Mold Growth?

Fortunately, mold does not really damage the structural materials in your home, though the wood in your walls or floors may still begin to rot because of the accompanying moisture. The main physical damage that mold inflicts is on your paint. If the paint and primer on your walls and ceilings is not mildew-resistant, then mold can grow underneath it, causing it to swell, bulge, and peel. When you notice strange bubbles in your paint, it probably needs to be stripped.

What Are the Health Effects of Mold?

Many people are highly allergic to mold spores, and when this fungus begins to grow inside their homes they experience symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, runny eyes, and a scratchy throat. In extreme cases, you can even contract a fungal infection in your lungs from inhaling mold spores.

Mold removal in Phoenix

If you suspect that there is water damage or mold growth inside your Phoenix home, contact the mold damage remediation professionals at ServiceMaster Restoration by Desert Dry. We are experts at all types of damage repair, and you can reach us at 602-765-6162 all day, every day for all your emergency needs.