Health Risks Created by Unmitigated Fire and Smoke Damage

Immediate danger after a fire

Did you know that one of the main risks of being involved in a fire is smoke inhalation? While fire poses an immediate threat to anyone present in a building, inhaling lingering smoke can have severe and lasting effects on the delicate tissues of the respiratory system.

Once you have evacuated a building, contact an experienced and reliable disaster restoration company. Expertise is required to properly clean and repair your property and ensure your safety once you return. If your business or residence is not properly restored, you may face immediate health risks. First, a fire severely weakens your home’s structure, and it is likely unsafe to enter even if the property is not completely destroyed. Both smoke and fire can cause structural damage that could make the building collapse at any time, even in places untouched by flames.

Lasting toxins from fire  and smoke damage

During a fire, smoke permeates a building’s fibers, wood, and insulation and can have lasting toxic effects. Even a small fire can create a huge amount of smoke that seeps into every part of a building and its furnishings. This strong odor can be so overpowering that it causes immediate nausea and coughing. When a fire burns through toxic materials such as plastic, airborne poisons settle into a building’s insulation and duct work. Without proper fire restoration, these particles can linger and continue to make inhabitants ill.

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